Offer for English-speaking Clients


Our law office provides complete legal assistance for foreigners, especially in running a business activity or making transactions in Poland. We address our legal services to Clients from all european countries, like the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Spain, France, Czech Republic, Ukraine.

We provide support at each stage of development of company or branch of foreign enterprise – from choosing the right legal form of business activity (including tax aspects and the scope of liability for obligations) and creation of the company, through rental or purchase of real estate in Poland, up to comprehensive legal assistance for Your enterprise.

We perform our legal services having regard to business and sector specific needs of our Clients, in the essential for economical activity judicial areas, like corporate law, contracts, civil, labour, administrative, procedural law, and taking care of all legal aspects of transactions in the territory of Poland.

Our team is composed of lawyers with all professional qualifications, knowledge and experience. The lawyers understand business and are focused on practical and optimal solutions. We help our clients to reduce risks associated with exercising a business activity and to develop without legal risk.

Main areas of ​​practice:

  • Comprehensive legal support to entrepreneurs already running the business activity in Poland, but also for those who intend to start economic activity in our country
  • Creation, conversions, restructuring, liquidations of companies, partnerships and all other legal entities like branches of foreign enterprises, foundations and associations (having regard to tax issues as well)
  • Ongoing corporate legal services for all entities in the full range, for example drafting complete documentation required in relevant registers and records, support in handling of shareholders meetings and general meetings, increase and reduction of the share capital, translation of documents, arranging cooperation with notaries, monitoring all the procedures
  • Contracts construction, drafting, analysis and legal assistance in negotiation of contracts or transactions conditions, including international agreements in English or German language
  • All the legal assistance by building process or any other investment processes in Poland, real estate and construction law
  • Legal support by renting, purchase or disposal of real estates (including agricultural properties) or movable assets, as well as legal care and management of properties located in Poland
  • Agricultural property and agriculture
  • Representation of Clients in proceedings conducted before public administration authorities concerning any kind of decisions or permits which are necessary to make transactions or run the business activity correctly, for example building permits or decisions on land development conditions
  • Problems or cases of any kind with commune administration
  • Problems with tax authorities, representation of Clients in disputes with tax authorities, tax advisory
  • Representation of Clients in disputes before common courts of law, courts of conciliation and in settlement discussions
  • Legal assistance for entrepreneurs by transactions with foreign language - speaking partners in the territory of Poland or in other countries
  • Analysis of the documents drawn up in English or German language from legal point of view
  • Inheritance law
  • Drawing up civil law agreements
  • Enforcement of debts, orders for payment, execution
  • Compensation
  • Divorce in Poland
  • Legalization of stay for foreigners
  • Permanent residence permit for foreigners
  • Obtaining Polish citizenship

We can give you a one-time legal advice or take the case to carry out, including further representation in the courts and before all the authorities.

Full professionalism, reliable substantive preparation and experience makes that we perform the entrusted matters with due care to provide You with the highest quality of services.

Forms of payment:

  • Total for the case -  the remuneration paid once for conducting a whole case;
  • Monthly fees – the remuneration paid by month;
  • Hourly rate;
  • Remuneration in the case of legal advice;
  • Success fee.

We know how to secure Client's interests.

The law office team speaks English and German, legal language including.


Zuzanna Jędrzejewska - Legal Counsel

A graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Szczecin. She completed a legal counsel training with a positive result in the legal counsel exam. Currently, she is on the list of legal advisers kept by the District Chamber of Legal Advisors in Szczecin

Natalia Łangowska - Legal Counsel

A graduate of law and psychology at the University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznan. She gained professional experience in Poznan and Szczecin law and tax offices, as well as in the German law firm Ahlers § Vogel in Bremen. She holds the Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) and Zentrale Mittelstufenprüfung (ZMP, Certificate of German language knowledge).


Our law office is located in the heart of Szczecin on Panieńska Street.

You can contact us through the form placed on our website, by email or on the telephone number +48 508670482 or +48 731995970.